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While studying to become a licensed architect, one of the biggest challenges I had was how to pay for everything I needed – ARE 5.0 exams, study materials, fees – while balancing other financial goals. In between studying, I spent a lot of time teaching myself about personal finance. Despite job loss and medical issues in my family, I learned how to save and pay off debt. ArchiFinance is a personal finance blog dedicated to financial literacy especially for design professionals. My goal is to build a judgment-free community of like-minded creatives working to become their happiest, wealthiest selves.

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Have you ever been hit with an unexpected expense and struggled to figure out how you would pay for it?

Maybe it was a car repair, medical issue, or some other serious, unplanned expense.

Are you interested in learning how to get affordable ARE Exam study material? If you’re just starting out in your ARE journey, or if you’re preparing for your next exam, it can feel overwhelming to choose which resources to study from.

Why aren’t more architects talking about money? 

The one piece of financial advice I got in my first job as an intern architect came from an associate. I remember him saying to me, “You know our industry is cyclical, right? You have to prepare yourself.”

What do you remember  when you think of your design studio days? Does the thrill of an all-nighter come to mind? Maybe you enjoyed making models or drawing exploded axons. Maybe you’re in school right now, doing something amazing with a CNC machine and parametric modeling.

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